I’m working on a Skillshare project at the moment (more about that here) and I came across this handy stop motion video that explains the history of typography in a mere 5 minutes! I think it’s really handy for when you want to search for a specific font but you don’t know the exact category — knowing the different between humanist sans and geometric sans is really useful when browing sites such as myfont and fontstore.com! This video makes it really easy to find out what kind of font you’re looking for.

If you like this kind of stuff and you want to learn more about typography, be sure to check out the book Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton. It’s quite a good primer on everything font-related.

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photo of Judith van Stegeren
About the author

Judith van Stegeren is a Dutch computer scientist. She is working as PhD candidate at the University of Twente, where she researches natural language generation for the video games industry. She occassionaly works as a consultant in data engineering for textual data.