I have a hard time finding the motivation to finish my huge list of projects during the summer break.

I survived my first year of my masters studies and the summer holidays are finally here. After the exams in June, I desperately needed some downtime so I took a week off. But now, after a week of no deadlines, no obligations, only parties and days of leisurely strolling around the city, I find that it is very hard start working again. It’s not a lack of discipline, mind you — although I think the lack of deadlines certainly doesn’t help.

But something happened to me today when I found the website Doodle-alley by Stephen McCranie. The website contains an online book, “Brick by Brick”, that contains motivational essays and comics about being a creator, based on McCranie’s experience as a cartoon artist. I can definitely relate to the feelings and pitfalls described in the book and the comics are both well-drawn and inspirational. Read the the first chapter of Brick by Brick.

Goals are scary, a panel from Brick-by-Brick by Stephen McCranie

I can recommend this book as a inspirational summer read that will also (hopefully) provide some motivation. I hope you will be as inspired and motivated by Brick-by-Brick as me. Enjoy!

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Judith van Stegeren is a Dutch computer scientist. She is working as PhD candidate at the University of Twente, where she researches natural language generation for the video games industry. She occassionaly works as a consultant in data engineering for textual data.