Nuetnigenoughe (Rue du Lombard 25)

Tiny but cosy restaurant with lots of obscure great beers. I had a Saison Dupont draft beer with the “Lamsballekes” (meat balls of lamb in tomatosauce with goat cheese with fries and a light salad). Beautiful room with high ceiliings, wood work, an antigue mirror and large fin de siecle window has you eating bistrofood in style.

Houtsiplou (Place Rouppe 9)

Burger bar with relaxed atmosphere. Slightly alternative. They also have really good tonic and the burgers are huge. Their walls are covered in graffiti art that depicts the history of Belgium.

Anata (Boulevard Anspach 74)

Very decent take-away sushi.


Moeder Lambic (Place Fontainas 8)

In my opinion the best beer cafe in Brussels. Close your eyes and pick a random beer from the menu or ask one of the waiters. Their snacks (try a mixed plate of sausage and cheese) are also really good.

Cafe Capitale (Rue du Midi 45)

Although most of the coffee in Brussels is bad, here you can sink in one of the vintage reading chairs and enjoy the sound of the vinyl player. Bar features coffee-themed art work and sells small presents suitable for your hipster friends. They close at 8:00 pm, so it’s perfect for an after-dinner coffee.

Pop-up Sablon (Place du Grand Sablon 15-16)

Try a cocktail, some wine or a beer in this stylish bar next to the Eglise Notre-Dame du Sablon. The Caesar Salad is also decent. Good spot for an after-work-drink and people watching.

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Judith van Stegeren is a Dutch computer scientist. She is working as PhD candidate at the University of Twente, where she researches natural language generation for the video games industry. She occassionaly works as a consultant in data engineering for textual data.