This is a list of self-study resources for people that want to get into the computer security field. I started this list in december 2015, just before I started my job as a security specialist at the National Cyber Security Centre of the Netherlands. It contains resources for learning new techniques and tools, self-study, career planning and personal development. All of these were useful to me personally, and every link is hand-picked. ;)

As you can see, computer security is a huge field. Please don’t feel overwhelmed. If you don’t know where to start, check out the resources listed under ‘career’.

Most resources are in English and some of them are in Dutch.

I hope this list is helpful. If you know any good additions, feel free to let me know via Twitter, email or in real life.


Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag (Beginners)



  • Cryptopals, Matasano [programming exercises]
  • The Code Book, Simon Singh [book, non-fiction]
    Nice introduction to secret language and cryptography for a general audience.

  • Cryptography I, Stanford University [online course]


Cybersecurity In The Nederlands

Dark Web

Ethical Hacking


Incident Response

Information Security

Internet Freedom



Malware Analysis

Penetration Testing

Physical Security




  • Fraudehelpdesk, [organisation] (Dutch)
  • No More Ransom, Europol, Kaspersky, Politie NL, e.a. [website]
    Initiative of Europol, Kaspersky Lab and the Dutch police to collect decryption keys for ransomware and put them online. Victims of ransomware can check this website to see if it is possible to undo the encryption.

Responsible Disclosure

Reverse Engineering

  • REMnux, Lenny Zeltser & David Westcott [operating system/toolkit]

Social Engineering


This list was last updated on 2020-09-27

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